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The first patented mobile app that connects the caller to the closest crisis or suicide prevention center immediately.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

 National Human Trafficking Resource Center

1 (888) 373-7888

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About Icrisis

Finally, a solution for the 21st century that is access through immediate help.

iCrisis is a patented app that can be downloaded through Google or Apple to a smart phone. Each County Behavioral Health, School District, Employee Assistance Program, Union or organization can license the app with unlimited use to their members and their families. Accredited hotlines answer the calls and create a safety plan for the caller with followup if needed at no additional cost to the organization.

The subscriber may wish to link to organizations such as the Trevor Project with a tap on the organizations logo. Outcome reports will be generated quarterly to report on the downloading and accessing of the app.

This app is one tap, confidential, 24/7 and answered by trained professionals who will give a safety plan to the caller.

  • There are links to only Nationally recognized hotlines
  • The call center is geo-located to the caller’s phone
  • School, business, or organization purchase license to use the app
  • 3 yr. license- cost based on # population/members/clients etc.
  • App accessible on iCrisis webs site that downloads thru app store
  • School/workplace/organization receive download code
How it works

One tap to get urgent help

One tap on your phone and the school child, veteran, client or family member will be connected with a trained professional to keep them safe and link them to resources.

Finally, a solution for the 21st century that is access through immediate help.

Links to resources

iCrisis allows the caller to contact a variety of organizations designed to help those in crisis or suicidal. Additionally, local behavioral health centers are listed by county.

Links to resources
Our Mission

Mission Statement

It is Crisis Connections International’s, (CCI), our team belief that suicide is generally preventable, the mission of CCI is to help reduce the incidents of suicide through greater access to information and resources.  To achieve this mission, CCI recognizes that suicide prevention and intervention is a process involving many community resources.


  1. Provide instant access to information and resources
  2. Reduce Suicide Rates
  3. Educate the public about suicide prevention and intervention
  4. Respect for all those in need or suicidal.


Core Values

  1. Flexibility to lead, adjust & adapt to the changing environment with innovative products.
  2. Excellence to attract experts and promote excellence in all areas of the organization.
  3. Responsive to staff and clients
  4. To be a profitable entity that invests in its staff and clients
Meet the Team

iCrisis Team

Beverly Raine– Executive Director Telepsychiatry Kings View, Founder of iCrisis International. Beverly has her MBA from California State University, Fresno, California. Beverly has been in the marketing field for over 25 years and has led numerous award winning and successful campaigns. Beverly is a Professor at Fresno City College where she teaches business. Beverly is also ASSIST trained in suicide prevention. Beverly holds dual nationality, both British and American, making it easy for her to work throughout the world.

Dr. H. A. Cruz– Dr. Cruz graduated from the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1985. Dr. Cruz works for Kings View as its medical director, is the Medical Director for Madera County and the Medical Director for West-Care. Dr. Cruz is a psychiatrist who has worked with children and adolescents, addiction and veterans.

Justin Harris– An insolvency lawyer, having focused his practice on all manner of bankruptcy and insolvency matters. He is also a business trial lawyer having litigated numerous business, commercial, real estate and other disputes in the state, federal and bankruptcy courts. University of the Pacific – Mc George School of Law and Brigham Young University.

Eugene Bell– The Executive Director at Kings View, focusing on the Skills 4 Success county program, helping children realize their dreams. Mr. Bell has served on National Youth Employment Coalition for 10 years, graduated from California State University-Fresno master’s degree Field of Study Counseling Marriage and Family Therapy.

Jodi Krumm– Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, 23 years working in the healthcare field. Jodi has worked in both the clinical and office settings in the medical field. She has extensive training and experience in Telemedicine, both clinical and technical. Works closely with Primary Care Providers, Specialists, Administration and others in the field over the years.

Stephen Coleman– Is a founding member of iCrisis and has been instrumental in research and development. Steve is a general contractor and has his own contracting business. Steve attended California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo majoring in Agriculture.

Barbara Breen– Was the former Manager of the Central Valley Suicide Prevention Hotline. Under her guidance the hotline grew to encompass many countries and went to 24 hours a day. Barbara is ASSIST trained and is a trainer in suicide prevention.